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16 July, 2019 by
Anniversary of Mandela Day
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It's the 10th Anniversary of Mandela Day on July 18 2019!

We are looking to raise R400,000 (DKK192k) in 67 days for Love Africa Youth - 67 is the number of years Mandela fought for social justice in South Africa.

Love Africa Youth is a Danish-based charity who have been formally supporting youth education and welfare in South Africa for 4 years.

Bambanani Village or Skaaprus near Ermelo in South Africa is a forgotten settlement. It was started by the workers of a nearby coal mine and has been growing for the last 35 years.  My father has been working in the community for nearly 10 years and we want to do more!

Today around 800 men, women & children live here but they are without access to electricity or water and the majority are without work. The community is forming a cooperative to stimulate jobs and create sustainable opportunities for the members. 

The Co-Op will create 30 informal businesses across retail, trades, farming and food service that will create job opportunities for around 100 people. 

In South Africa, it is estimated that for every 1 African in work 15 dependants are supported so if 100 people are in work then it could directly impact 1500 people!

The goal of the Co-op is to create businesses that in 5 years will generate R1,000,000 (€63.8K) turnover, with the aim of getting R300,000 (€19K) real income running internally through the community.  

We want to do this with as little debt as possible and need an injection of cash to get started as resources are scarce.

We have already begun building a piggery & chicken farm and where possible are using the local resource to make it happen.

The money donated will go towards the training and long term employment of around 8 community members through:

  1. Securing a consistent and long term solution for water supply for the village and farm

  2. Completing the piggery and chicken run

  3. Training & Education of the nominated farmers (to employ at least 3 members on a long term basis)

  4. Stocking both with animals

  5. Construction and stock of the worm baths to deal with sanitation

  6. Training & Education of the Nominated rammed earth construction workers

  7. Launch of the Rammed Earth Consultancy & Construction company (to employ a minimum of 3 members initially rising year on year).

We need help! By contributing to our cause you will have a direct and long term impact on an entire community in South Africa. You can view our plans, follow us for updates on facebook @bambananivillage or instagram @bambanani_village and see how far we go.  

#actionagainstpoverty #mandeladay #bethechange 


Mandela Day
[email protected] 16 July, 2019
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