Bambanani Village

Just outside Ermelo, Mpumulanga, Bamabanani Village is a former squatter camp with big plans.

Bambanani Village, Skaaprus is a forgotten place sandwiched between 2 coal mines and a power station with no water and no electricity but despite the harsh nature of the environment beauty abounds around!

We have big ideas and are creating opportunities for our citizens through farming and entrepreneurship and though we are the beginning of a long road we are hopeful and willing!

Our Mission

The mission of the Bambanani Village Cooperative is to uplift the members of the Skaaprus Community through the creation of jobs. 

We are a community-led co-operative - run by the people for the people that will provide sustainable income opportunities for our members. Wealth for the People is supporting us to achieve our goal.

Our assets lie in the land that we have our village on, which has been promised to us by the mine that allowed us to settle on it 35 years ago, and the people in the village. Using the skills, experiences and ambitions of the members we have an aim to develop small businesses that are run by members. We are aiming to have 40 small businesses with each operating member earning at least R3000 a month consistent income. Our member's contributions to community life, experience, knowledge and history are dictating the businesses and the priority that is pursued first.

We have started working on the first business - the Piggery & Broiler chicken coop and work on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9 -2. coffee, water and food are provided by Wealth for the People.

Quarterly meetings are held in the village that all are welcome to attend as well as a weekly progress update every Wednesday after lunch and believe that it is important to keep the lines of communication open with all members of the community. One of the members translates from English to Zulu and we use the Vulinqondo Day Care Centre to hold the meetings.

Bambanani means:

supporting one another for a better tomorrow 

Economic Prosperity

Each community member has the opportunity to contribute to the Cooperative whether through time, skill, labour or other donation. The whole community has the opportunity to make money and live a good life. Inclusive fairness is the norm.

Social Harmony

The promotion of community spirit where everyone is treated with a healthy respect, neighbours look out for each other, members are treated as equals and anti-social and threatening behaviour is actively discouraged.

Environmental Consideration

Actively seeking to minimise the environmental impact of the village by encouraging the consideration of the natural area, waste management, resource efficiency, recycling.

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